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Nearly half of the world population are using Social Media now and it’s growing day by day for multiple purposes like to get an education, to market businesses, to the organized community, to spread News, means you can do anything on social media, talking, searching, ordering, selling, buying. As it says if your business is not using social media then your business will be out of business soon. Most people are using social media for personal or marketing tools for business growth.

Here are some social media marketing tools that are free (limited Versions)

  1. Buffer

One of the best social media tools for scheduling, managing multiple social media accounts at once. Its limited version is free up to three different accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is suitable for small businesses or individuals. It’s pro, premium, and Business pricings are cheaper than competitors. Buffer can integrate and Google extensions available.

2. Hootsuite

Mostly large businesses prefer Hootsuite due to its options of more scheduling, more users, and unlimited plan. It is a social media managing dashboard as well as scheduling. It has four pricing plan pro, team, business, and enterprises from ten to unlimited users along with free three profiles for individuals.

3. Socialpilot

One of the best Facebook brand marketing, bulk scheduling, mobile applications, and browsers extensions, best analytics social media tool. There are offering five pricing plans like a free, individual, pro, small team, and agencies. Client management and social media calendar options are its strength.


If this then that is a service that helps us to work out apps, devices, and platforms together automatically, useful for multi-tasking, completely free, the best tools for social media marketers.

5. Sumall

Best social media automation, real-time monitoring, and customer trends data tool. Due to actionable insights and free pricing, it is one of the top tools for business growth with less effort.

6. Facebook Social Toolkit

One of the multi-functioning toolkits of Facebook collection of automation tools that will us to share in groups, add/remove friends, invite friends on pages, join/reject groups, sort out active/inactive friends, sending messages/birthday wishes and many others in just one click. Google Chrome extension is available and it is free.

7. Socialoomph

Content scheduling tool on which we get RSS feeds, self-destructive, auto-updated posts, keywords tracking on twitter, it has four pricing plans like free, advanced, pro, and business still cheaper than competitors.

8. Agorapulse

With twenty-eight days free trial version it is one of the most useful social media tools for monitoring, measuring, and scheduling posts. One-click reports with competitor’s analysis, follower’s data, and there are four pricing plans like medium, large, X-large, and enterprise free trials available for all.

9. Mailchimp

Biggest email marketing tool with a variety of built-in email templates, a list of subscribers, auto sales funnels, and history of customers from subscription to payment. It is free till 2000 subscribers then there are three pricing plans like essential, standards, and premium.

10. Mailjet

Email marketing tool for marketers and developers with built-in templates for personalized and newsletter to send transactional and marketing emails with real-time performance. We can send 200 emails daily in free then there are three pricing plans like basic, premium, and enterprise.

11. Google Keyword Planner

Free tool for Google Advertisers for search campaigns to improve the google ranking of your website. It will give you devices based keywords like Mobile, Computers, and Tablets with seasonal and location target options also. Now you can get grouped ideas keywords, daily budget suggestions, competitor’s insights, and monthly search details.

12. Tube Buddy

It is a browser extension free toolkit to manage YouTube channels; one of the best features is SEO friendly where you will get Google Trends keywords, keyword rank tracking, search ranking, and suggested tags. We can generate smart thumbnails for our videos, end screen templates, card templates. It has four pricing plans like free, pro, star, and legend.

13. Traffup

The best site to get free traffic for websites or blogs, free followers, comments, and like for top social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud in exchange. It has pricing plans like free and Pro (start from $9/month).

14. Social Animal

It is like a Swiss army knife for content marketing to get trending keywords, influencers outreach, competitors monitoring, content curation, and research. Deep insights with powerful search and headline analyzer are its strength. It has three pricing plans like blogger (individuals), agency, and enterprise with fourteen days trial each.

15. Adespresso

A most useful tool which made advertising fast, easy, and effective in the digital world owned by Hootsuite. Best for ads creating, useful for Facebook, can test your ads in split testing; you can target your own fan or followers with tracking and analyzing. It has four pricing plans basic, premium, elite, and diamond.

16. Sproutsocial

It is best for branding any business as it develops real bonding between customers on social. You can tailor a single post for all social media at once. The collaboration option is an edge for small businesses to grow. It has three pricing plan standard, pro, and advanced with 30 days trial for all. Rich social data and analytics are also plus points.

17. Post Planner

It is one of the cheapest but most powerful social media tools. Along with it provide the most relevant materials, trending ideas, and performance prediction metrics. You can optimize your post. It has three pricing plans like a starter ($3 only), love, and guru with 30 days of free trials.

18. Tailwind

Instagram and Pinterest oriented marketing tool with smart scheduling, smart calendar, smart loop, and actionable analytics. It also gives browser extension while using tailwind tribes you can find niche content. Effortless collaborations with other marketers complete branding insights and smart tracking of your account. It has three price plans plus, pro and enterprises along with 14 days trial.

19. Tweepi

Artificial Intelligence supporting marketing tools for Twitter. You can use filters, geolocation, and Tweepi flush. There are action counters, multi-accounts management, and Twitter list management options available. You can find and follow relevant users. Unfollow tools allow you to unfollow those who are inactive and it gives daily recommendations. Anyone can protest on account suspensions. You can engage with the most relevant users. It has two pricing plans silver (from $12) and platinum.

20. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is powered by Twitter itself so it is totally free. You can use multiple accounts, can create a deck team that can use posts on your account without your password, you can collect, schedule, and create a list on deck. It allows you to monitor your competitors. You can filter the search and prioritize the column.

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