The Day when I lot my Mom: I lost my Childhood

A B Jan Balti
2 min readMay 9, 2020
I lost my Universe

The day when I lost the universe, the first love, the first institute, the first human who talk to me, the one who brought me in this world, the one who taught me, how to talk, walk and eat. Being the youngest child I was always so closed and too much touched with my mom till I lost her even I couldn’t say See you again.

Just two months ago, on 12th Feb 2020 my imaginary world collapsed when I heard that my MOM left us while I was dreaming to be with her it was unbelievable at that time I was so much far away from her.

My way of thinking changed, my childhood was gone even at 28 years old in front of her I was always a child being of her last one. Whatever we are today is her blessing, even though she was uneducated but raised us more than any educated woman when my Papa was in the military.

That day was not less than any Doomsday for me I ran towards my hometown with the weeping and crying after nearly 35 hours journey. I couldn’t understand anything, it was just weeping.

I had just found a grave even couldn’t reach on her funeral. I can never forgot that still in imagination I used to think that my MOM is alive loving with me but it’s too late.

Being the mother of twin she had faced so many difficulties to raised me and my twin sister. I pray to the GOD if there is any Heaven or life after rewards just give the rewards of my goods deeds and my part of heaven to my MOM.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have their MOMs with them and Salute to all mothers yeah pray for my MOM too.

Miss you MOM

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